Control valves

Control valves are the most common instruments for final control in the fluid transfer systems. They are consisted of 2 main parts: body and actuator. Making a right choice in buying a control valve could result in enhancing efficiency, security and profitability. Fazar-Tajhiz Supplies “POLNACORP” control valves, an experienced and reliable company in Europe. Globe control valves, as one of the most practical control valves, are available in different sizes and pressures, one/two-way, with/without cage, for different range of temperatures and different body materials in accordance with EN/DIN/ASTM standards.
Other types of control valves including Aseptic control valve (in food and pharmaceutical industries) Flap control valves (in oil and petrochemical industries),Butterfly control valve and shut-off control valves are also supplied by Fazar-Tajhiz Ltd.

Reducing stations

Reducing valves and stations are used for reducing high pressure drops of turbines and boilers. These systems can be utilized in high temperatures (up to 580 °C) and different inlet/outlet pressures and diameters. In addition, in order to save energy, when high pressure steam is not needed, desuperheaters with pressure reducing valves are used. Desuperheating is a process in which the superheated steam turns to saturation state (lower temperature).

Pressure regulators

Self-acting regulators depending on internal construction can control/reduce constant preset input, output or differential pressure, eventually constant flow ratio. Simple and functional design for a wide range of applications. Independence on Power supply and functionality without control system allow the use in safety circuits.


a control valve is consisted of 2 parts: body and actuator. Actuator is used to control the body, in other words it opens/closes the valve and puts it in the relevant position. There are 3 types of actuators:

Pneumatic actuators

In these actuators the necessary force for moving the valve is supplied by compressed air. 2 different kinds of this type are diaphragm and piston actuators, which can be air-to-open or air-to-close.

Hydraulic actuators

Hydraulic actuators for valves are supplied separately, or as the set with a hydraulic supply aggregate. These actuators are the only choice wherever the very high control forces, or extremely short acting time are needed. For fittings supplied by us can be used drives by various manufacturers such as Rotork, ECKART and others.

Electric actuators

Electric actuators are for control and shut-off valves. The specification is based on individual requirements, taking account of any customer's standards. These actuators control the valve with a 4-20 mA or a 0-10 V signal, are in compliance with IP67 standard and equipped with a hand wheel. For valve assemblies supplied by us we suggest all commonly used types of drives (AUMA, Regada ...). But there is no problem to create a set with another drive, requested by customer.


A wide range of actuator accessories is available such as positioners, limit switches, air supply pressure reducing filter, etc. A special group consists of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners (correctors) for precise control of the control valves. In addition to our commonly used types, the valves supplied by us can be equipped with correctors according to the customer need and practice, including intelligent SMART design with advanced diagnostic and other features.